Cookies are a piece of data in the form of text or numbers stored locally on your computer when you visit the site. Cookies can be used to get information about how many people visit the page, how long the visit lasts, what websites the users come from and which browsers are used. This is information that can be used to improve the site and your user experience. The information is processed in an unidentified form, which means that we cannot trace the information we collect back to the individual user.


The revised Electronic Communications Act requires web pages to inform the public about the use of cookies.

The "cookie section" says (in Norway):

§ 2-7b Use of cookies

Storing or accessing information in a user's communication equipment is not permitted without the user being informed of the information being processed, the purpose of the processing, who is processing the information, and having consented to it. The first point does not prevent technical storage or access to information:

1. solely for the purpose of transmitting communications in an electronic communications network

2. which is necessary to provide an information society service at the express request of the user.


By visiting our domains you also agree that we may use cookies. If you want to disable the use of cookies, you can do so in the settings of your browser. Please note that disabling cookies may result in a somewhat poorer user experience.

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